grooming services include:
   old-fashioned hands-on bathing, 
   washing by hand not only makes
for a squeaky clean dog, but also allows me 
to check for lumps and bumps that might
require a veterinarian's attention.
  featuring custom made dog soaps,       
tearless shampoos, and all natural conditioning products. 
 Facials, nail clipping, nail smoothing,
ear cleaning/plucking, safe warm hand drying,
-----and a long lasting haircut! 
  *fancy hand made bows! *Nail polish is available! 
I use only the best products on your dog
I arrive in a spotless truck that has everything 
needed on board for grooming your dog. It is
climate controlled and keeps everyone comfortable.
The equipment  is disinfected after every groom--
-I am compulsive about cleanliness!
                      Fleas are not tolerated!
      i will alert you if your dog has fleas...
   and  i will help you get your dog flea free
  *an extra charge will be applied to your groom price
       severely matted dogs are always given 
              a short haircut.  For obvious painful reasons, 
                  I do not demat.  I take pride in ALL of my 
                          haircuts, even my shorties!

 *I cannot in good conscience brush your dog's teeth. 
This  needs to be done EVERY DAY in order to be 
If you cannot do it every day, try every other day or see
your veterinarian for another option. Loosening tartar into 
the bloodstream during a  "once in a while brushing" 
actually does more harm than good. Ask me to inspect 
your dog's teeth, I will alert you to any potential 
gum issues! 

   prices are determined by coat type, breed, 
      size, temperment, and your location.
  prices start at $85.00 a 4lb Yorkie for example

        no dogs over 30lbs please
 sales tax will be added to final groom price
                   cash, checks & SQUARE accepted


Due to a very full client base (and I work alone!), 
I am only servicing new clients in  Maywood, Hackensack, RiverEdge, Teaneck, 
Hasbrouck Heights, Fairlawn, Saddlebrook, Paramus, Oradell, Rochelle Park, and New Milford

We use custom doggie soap
constantly updating equipment, the fourth  installment of the grooming van is arriving summer 2020